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Thanks to the perseverance and dedication of our friends, even in the current difficult conditions, we have created this specialized online - Assistant.

The purpose of this project:                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Make it more accessible, more skilled, more timely ENT - help.
  • To propose an optimal model of counseling and modern quantitative and qualitative diagnostic study, patients with ENT - diseases. In each case - individually.
  • Show how much, informative clinical manifestations and laboratory data ray diagnostic methods in patients with lesions of ENT - organs.
  • Choose a comprehensive and timely treatment algorithm.
  • Show the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen method of treatment, in comparison with other existing in each individual case. 

This project will use Internet resources that will enable the practitioner - otolaryngologist:

  • Provide advice on-line and not mediocre initial admission.
  • The maximum accurately, quickly and reliably evaluate the results of examination and treatment.
  • To develop preventive orientation for patients suffering from acute and chronic ENT - organs.


I hope this site will help you in solving a number of problems related to otorhinolaryngology.


With respect and reverence your Dr.ENT: Karchinskyy Aleksandr! 2016.

Лечение экссудативного отита (тубоотит или секреторный отит).

Удаление небных миндалин (гланд), Тонзиллэктомия.

РИНОПЛАСТИКА. Восстановление носового дыхания.

Клиренс гноя из гайморовой пазухи